Print Finishing

Encapsulation is a Print Finishing process. It is the enclosure of any type of media within a protective plastic film for any type of litho or digital media. With a full range of finishes, we are able to handle media credit card size to 1000mm wide, and up to 250 microns thick.

When Encapsulation first became available, there was a very limited range of materials on offer, and most were expensive. But, with the advent of modern polymers and lamination processes, these have expanded in range and type, and also cost.

We can finish your printed media in a variety of films and thicknesses. This offers much more creativity when it comes to presenting your documents. The modern techniques are very much different from those of many years ago.

Additional Options

We also offer extra Print Finishing services such as velcro, struts, hole drilling, radius cornering, and eye-letting.

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Encapsulated Print are a Birmingham based Print Finishing company offering Encapsulation and Lamination Services to businesses across the UK.