Lamination and Encapsulation FAQ

Frequently asked questions about lamination, encapsulation or print finishing

Encapsulation, Print, and Lamination can be complicated. What finish should you go for? Which is the best material for my needs? Can my material be laminated? We aim to help answer these questions by providing the following FAQ. If you are still underusre, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Most can yes, but its best to contact us if you are unsure if the particular type of paper/card is suitable.

If the thickness of the laminate and media is quite thick, the squared edge can be quite sharp and stiff. For this reason, we would suggest radius cornering on thicker finishes. For thinner finish, it really comes down to personal preference.

A sealed edge will completely cover the edges of the media, preventing water or other contaminants from ruining the paper or media. Flush edges are fine for purposes where this is not important, such as business cards or similar.

The laminate film tends to come in a variety of different finishes. What you choose is dependant on your requirements. Gloss enhances the colour and appeal of your media, so is ideal for presentation pieces. Matt finishes on the other hand are better for readability as they reduce glare, so ideal for menus, identity cards,

It all depends on your usage. The thinner film can still be folded if require, but if you want more durability you should definitely opt for one of the thicker laminate films

We can add Gloss, Matt, or semi gloss to any media.

We can provide from 75 up to 250 micron thick, in a variety of finishes

our equipment can handle a range of sizes, from credit card to 1000mm wide.

Yes, we cna provide corner drilling, radius cornering, velcro, struts, die cutting, eye-letting, and more

We can laminate Book covers, menus, maps, company literature, brochures, flyers and much more.

Yes, we can do smaller runs to your requirements. Just give us a call

No, we only cater for companies and organisations, mainly in the print industry, and don’t tend to do domestic orders for the public.