For visual improvement to many documents, along with improving the life and durability of the item, varnishing or laminating are two of the best options (encapsulation is suitable for other purposes, please see our encapsulation page). However, varnishing the item does have some drawbacks, and this is one of the reasons why we primarily offer lamination as the preferred process.

  • Range of finishes available
  • improved durability compared to varnishing
  • Ink remains intact during folded (less prone to cracking)
  • Wipe clean surface offering some degree of waterproofing on the surface
  • Paper will be reluctant to tearing


  • cheaper, but not as durable
  • can still provide a range of finishes in a similar way to laminate
  • Paper is still prone to tearing
  • Cracking will still occur when folding

For more information on what processes are suitable for your item, please give us a call.